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Sanguine Gas Exploration, LLC is focused on oil and gas operations in the midcontinent area, including the Anadarko and Arkoma basins.Our area of operations focus on finding and developing oil and gas assets in Oklahoma and Texas in exploitation phases of previously established plays. Sanguine is currently engaged in active acquisition of both developed and undeveloped leasehold production along with undeveloped leasehold minerals. We endeavor to remain one of the leading developers of Granite Wash and its resources.

Anadarko Basin

Since the 1970s, Sanguine Gas Exploration, LLC has operated throughout the deep Anadarko Basin, focusing on targets in the Pennsylvanian, including the over pressured Morrow-Springer as well as the Redfork and Granite Wash.  Since 2000 its development activity was primarily concentrated in the Granite Wash in far western Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle, where it drilled and currently operates horizontal wells.  In 2016, with its acquisition of deep, vertical gas production in the Eastern Anadarko Basin from Enervest, Sanguine augmented its core legacy properties in the deepest part of the basin.

Arkoma Basin

In 2015, Sanguine began acquiring interests in the Arkoma Basin’s Woodford Shale play and currently owns leasehold, minerals, and production in the formation.  In 2018, Sanguine established a significant operating presence in the basin with its acquisition from Vanguard Natural Resources of the 44 well/300 bcf EUR Potato Hills vertical dry gas field that produces from the Pennsylvanian Jackfork.